The inLife Electronic Cigarette
The Electronic Cigarette is the most important breakthrough technology to come along in recent memory. It represents the greatest option ever for the logical delivery of a smoker's desire for nicotine. inLife is one of the founding companies that helped introduce this marvelous technology to the United States. Back in 2007, when inLife was formed, there were only a handful of units being sold. Today, there are over 2.5 million Americans using the "e-cig". That number is expected to quadruple in the next two years. This not only brings validation to "e-cig" it also helps create an opportunity for our customers to partner with us and benefit financially simply by referring others to our product (see Opportunity Page for further details).
The inLife electronic cigarette works by delivering a desired level of nicotine to the user in the form of a vapor mist. It looks, tastes and feels very similar to a traditional cigarette. They contain four basic elements: Propylene Glycol and Glycerol (both food additives), water and nicotine. There is no lingering smell to worry about, no ashes and they deliver rich, tobacco flavor.
The inLife Electronic Cigarette
The inLife Electronic Cigarette has evolved to become the industry's most advanced and best performing unit. From the industry's first solid state battery, to its advanced cartomizer that combines the cartridge and atomizer into a single unit, the inLife Electronic Cigarette will provide to you a very pleasurable and and consistent Vaping experience. Do not trust your desired nicotine satisfactionton just any company!
The inLife Menthol Electronic Cigarette
inLife's Electronic Cigarette technology is THE industry leader in performance and reliability. The inLife Menthol unit comes with one solid state battery, two standard high Menthol cartridges and 1 USB charger. This unit delivers a very smooth Menthol taste.
SheVapes Electronic Cigarette
For Women Only!! The electronic cigarette is now being used by over 2.5 million users in the U.S. and our SheVapes brand is the only brand designed specifically for women. SheVapes comes with one solid state battery, one standard high Cherry cartridge, 1 standard high cartridge and 1 usb charger.
NicMaxx Electronic Cigarette
inLife's NicMaxx brand has been created to appeal to those that prefer to smoke either non-filtered cigarettes or feel that the standard high levels of our e-cig cartridges do not provide the nicotine satisfaction that they prefer. NicMaxx comes with a very stylish, flat black, matte battery that glows a bright orange to announce you are vaping! At 3.5% (or 35 mg) smokers tell us that NicMaxx provides to (remove the word "to") them the closest sensation of an actual cigarette!
inLife Cartridge Pack Refills
inLife offers our customers the convenience of ordering replacement cartridges with our Auto-fill Cartridge Refill Program. The Auto-fill package consists of 10 cartridge refills delivered discretely to your door. We offer a variety of flavors ranging from standard, to menthol to NicMaxx.




















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